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    "I've been Dr. Filson's patient since around 1975. He takes the time to answer my questions, and his friendly and efficient staff make it worthwhile to drive the hour each way for regular visits."

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    "I have been a patient for nearly 40 years, seeing Dr. Filson for everything from routine exams through veneers. During all that time I have been thoroughly pleased with the care that Dr. Filson and his entire staff have given me."- Jack

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    "Dr. Bruce Filson has been my dentist for the last thirty years, and my teeth are in great shape! Not only is his dentistry superb, but his manner is kind and gentle -- I have never felt pain or discomfort while in his care. I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances, and I urge everyone to see him for the excellent services he provides." Sincerely,Win

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    "I got my smile back today! Thank you Dr. Hei for your masterful work I just can't stop smiling. I drive from Red Wing to see Dr Hei, he never judged me or made me feel ashamed of my genetically weak teeth and I have my confidence back. I highly recommend Filson, especially my family. I have found my forever dentist!" - Jeannine

How We Make You Comfortable During Your Procedure

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There are plenty of people who suffer from dental anxiety, so if you are one of them, you should know that you are not alone. Many dentists are now taking a proactive approach to helping their patients deal with dental anxiety so fear of the dentist does not prevent them from receiving the treatment they need. Filson Gentle Dentistry, your dentist in Stillwater, MN, takes dental anxiety seriously, and we do whatever we can to ensure your visit with us is as comfortable as possible.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

From the friendly staff members we hire, to the complimentary beverage they will offer you, our office is designed to be relaxing. Once you are welcomed, you’ll find that our treatment rooms are equipped with TVs, music, chair pads—and even blankets and neck pillows!

If your apprehension at visiting the dentist goes deeper than creature comforts, we also offer several sedation methods that are very effective in reducing dental anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry Based On Your Needs

Nitrous Oxide. If you have dental anxiety, we will probably recommend first that you try nitrous oxide. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is mild—but effective—when it comes to reducing dental fear. This fast-acting gas is administered with a mas, much like oxygen, and it will almost immediately make you feel relaxed and even giddy. You will be completely conscious during treatment, but worry will fade into the background. Because its quick results dissipate as soon as we stop the gas, its effects wear off almost immediately and you are not impaired in any way.

Oral Conscious Sedation. Depending on the specifics with your anxiety, we might also recommend oral conscious sedation. This medicinal, prescription sedative is taken before you get to the office for your appointment, so you’ll be relaxed before you even reach our office. You will be fully conscious during treatment, but completely relaxed. In some cases, we might also recommend nitrous oxide during treatment. It’s important to note that with oral conscious sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation. For patients with extremely high levels of anxiety, we might recommend IV sedation. This reliable method administers anesthesia directly into the bloodstream. It also has an amnesic effect, so patients usually won’t even remember their appointment.

Gentle Treatment Designed for Your Comfort

Make sure your next trip to the dentist is a comfortable one with your Stillwater MN dentist Filson Gentle Dentistry. Call us today!


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