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    "I've been Dr. Filson's patient since around 1975. He takes the time to answer my questions, and his friendly and efficient staff make it worthwhile to drive the hour each way for regular visits."

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    "I have been a patient for nearly 40 years, seeing Dr. Filson for everything from routine exams through veneers. During all that time I have been thoroughly pleased with the care that Dr. Filson and his entire staff have given me."- Jack

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    "Dr. Bruce Filson has been my dentist for the last thirty years, and my teeth are in great shape! Not only is his dentistry superb, but his manner is kind and gentle -- I have never felt pain or discomfort while in his care. I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances, and I urge everyone to see him for the excellent services he provides." Sincerely,Win

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    "I got my smile back today! Thank you Dr. Hei for your masterful work I just can't stop smiling. I drive from Red Wing to see Dr Hei, he never judged me or made me feel ashamed of my genetically weak teeth and I have my confidence back. I highly recommend Filson, especially my family. I have found my forever dentist!" - Jeannine

Finding a Gentle Dentist in Stillwater

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We understand the importance of finding a gentle dentist. In fact, we think it is so important, we even included the word “gentle” in our name: Filson Gentle Dentistry. When you are looking for a dentist, how can you tell whether that dentist is gentle or not? It might be tough to know for sure until you are sitting in the dentist chair, but we have some suggestions for finding the right dentist—as well as finding a gentle dentist in Stillwater MN.

Don’t Discount That All-Important First Impression

There are a number of items to include when it comes to first impressions of a gentle dentist. Chances are, a gentle dentist is going to be surrounded by a warm and welcoming staff. What kind of feeling do you get when you call in to make an appointment? What about when you are greeted for your very first appointment? Is the staff friendly? Welcoming? Happy to answer questions? All of these will say quite a bit about a dentist practice, and are certainly more prone to a practice that provides gentle dentistry.

Cleanliness Is Just as Important as Gentleness

Finding a gentle dentist is just as important as making sure that dentist is practicing cleanliness. Much as you took a look at the waiting room to determine how clean it looked, you’ll have the same critical eye when it comes to the dental equipment once you are sitting in the chair. If you have questions about it, ask! A good, gentle dental office will take no offense to any of your questions, and in fact, they will be happy to answer them.

Gentle in the Treatment They Suggest

Gentle dentists want to make sure you are comfortable. They are not interested in scamming patients for money by recommending procedures that are not necessary. The work they perform will be top-notch as well as gentle. For instance, fillings will not fall out and crowns will not come loose.

Keep all of these items in mind when you next visit the dentist to help you determine the quality of the practice and the gentleness of the dentist. Call Filson Gentle Dentistry, your dentist in Stillwater MN!


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