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    "I've been Dr. Filson's patient since around 1975. He takes the time to answer my questions, and his friendly and efficient staff make it worthwhile to drive the hour each way for regular visits."

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    "I have been a patient for nearly 40 years, seeing Dr. Filson for everything from routine exams through veneers. During all that time I have been thoroughly pleased with the care that Dr. Filson and his entire staff have given me."- Jack

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    "Dr. Bruce Filson has been my dentist for the last thirty years, and my teeth are in great shape! Not only is his dentistry superb, but his manner is kind and gentle -- I have never felt pain or discomfort while in his care. I have recommended him to many friends and acquaintances, and I urge everyone to see him for the excellent services he provides." Sincerely,Win

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    "I got my smile back today! Thank you Dr. Hei for your masterful work I just can't stop smiling. I drive from Red Wing to see Dr Hei, he never judged me or made me feel ashamed of my genetically weak teeth and I have my confidence back. I highly recommend Filson, especially my family. I have found my forever dentist!" - Jeannine

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Bayport MN | Teeth Whitening Stillwater MNDo you feel like the brightness of your smile isn’t quite living up to your expectations? Today, we can choose from lots of cosmetic treatments designed to transform the appearance of your smile.

Professional teeth whitening is by far the most popular treatment we offer at Filson Gentle Dentistry. It’s a fast, easy, cost-effective way to refresh your smile and boost your self-confidence.

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you’ve tried store-bought teeth whitening products, you probably found that they didn’t produce noticeable results or they took forever to work. There’s a good reason for this – over-the-counter products do not contain the concentration of whitener that can be safely prescribed by one of our Bayport dentists.

We customize our professional teeth whitening treatments for each of our patients. We’ll evaluate your specific needs, then adjust the intensity of the whitener to help reduce the chance of any sensitivity.

Convenient Teeth Whitening Options

For your convenience, we offer both in-office whitening and take-home teeth whitening kits. The type we choose really depends on your personal needs and preferences.

In-Office Teeth Whitening: If you'd like to see immediate fast results, an in-office teeth whitening treatment is an excellent choice. The whole procedure can be completed in an hour or less and produces immediate results.

Professional Take-Home Kits: Your life is busy, and you may not have the time to come to our Bayport dental office for treatment. If this is the case, we also offer convenient take-home whitening kits. During your next cleaning, let us know that you're interested in whitening and we'll give you everything you need to get started at home.

Teeth Whitening for Life

Wondering how you’re going to maintain that dazzling new smile? No worries, because at Filson Gentle Dentistry, we’re happy to offer a Teeth Whitening for Life Program. After an in-office or take-home whitening treatment, you'll receive a free tube of whitening gel to maintain the beautiful results. We'll provide you with a new tube of gel each year, as long as you keep up with regular exams and cleanings. Now you really have something to smile about!

The Beautiful Smile You Deserve

We’d all like to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile that turns heads wherever we go. Our convenient teeth whitening treatments make it easy to achieve a great smile that draws people to you and helps you feel good about the way you look.

Whether you decide on an in-office treatment or a professional take-home kit, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful results you’ll see in just a short amount of time. We’d love to talk to you about our effective teeth whitening options, so please give us a call to arrange your next dental cleaning!

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